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Business Administration

The BA is an intensive program that teaches the basic concepts of management, business studies and best business practices.
The main topics include accounting principles, business economics, business law, financial management, computer fundamentals, and marketing.
The BBA offers an opportunity to develop professional abilities early in one's career. The curriculum is effective at enhancing
one's professional and personal abilities in international business through a thorough understanding of crucial business
abilities like leadership, communication, critical thinking, and decision-making.

The structure of this program is spread over 3 years :

- Year 1 : covers all you need to know about management science fundamentals in an engaging academic environment. You will study core business topics and learn all the key concepts necessary to harness your business acumen.

- Year 2 : opens the way to a broader understanding of today’s business challenges facing small, medium and large companies locally and internationally. You will learn how to formulate, judge, and deal with the critical and disruptive issues facing local and global managers alike in an interdisciplinary, interactive and innovative manner.

- Year 3 : strengthens the notions and concepts acquired in the first two years. At this stage of academic grooming, you will have the opportunity to develop your professional and business skills through an in-depth study and interhip within leading forms to get you of the starting block in life and in business.

In being a state-recognized university, graduates have access to public service competitions related to their field of expertise.

1st year admission :

The applicant must have completed the high school degree that is recognized by Morocco’s Ministry of Higher Education; etc. from a state recognized and authorized academic institution including public and private entities in MENA, UE, Canada and Africa.

Parallel admission :

Parallel admissions are open to students who wish to join UIC in 2nd or 3th year and who have completed at least 1 or 2 years in Business program from recognized and authorized institutions.  

The admisson is subjet to validation of the Business Administration prerequisites program .

Admission Process :

1.English test 

Evidence of English Proficiency Undergraduate applicants require one of the following exams as proof of English proficiency;

  •  UIC’s Language Proficiency Test: minimum level of CEFR B2.1 for Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing
  • TOEFL score of higher than 60 or higher (TOEFL iBT); all subscores must meet a minimum level of 15
  • IELTS score of greater than 5.5 of higher. Speaking and listening: 5.5 or higher, Reading and writing: 5.0 or higher

2. Screening test

The interview, conducted in English, focuses on interpersonal skills, motivation, fluency of expression and the capacity to meet the academic requirements.

The tuition fees at the International University of Casablanca varies between 34,000 and 80,000 dhs per year. Payment of tuition fees can be spread over one, two or three installments depending on your preference.

The Financing Assistance service supports you in implementing the solution best suited to your situation. It presents study financing solutions to you, assists you in completing the forms required by lending organizations and putting together your file.

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  • Human Resources Specialist .
  • Jr. Financial Analyst .
  • Accountant .
  • Operations Specialist .
  • Financial Controller .
  • Business Developer .
  • Marketing Coordinator .
  • Communication Coordinator .
  • Sales Specialist .
  • Research and Development Manager .
  • Administration Specialist .
  • Information Systems Manager


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